Saturday, June 19, 2010

Week 16

by Mariette

by Ines


  1. Ines, j'aime beaucoup la première photo que tu as mise cette semaine.
    La superposition des images est très interessante. On a l'impression que deux lieux se rencontrent et se complétent. C'est sans doute l'une de mes photos péférée.

  2. Nice photos again from both of you.

    Mariette, the dirty river in the first shot makes this a strange photo. It seems like a typical bucolic park scene at first glance, but this is then disrupted by the polluted river.

    The second photo reminds me of Paul Strand's photography. Very nicely done. Ines said it seemed almost choreographed. I agree. There's a kind of theatrical element, as if the figures in the photo have collaborated in creating the scene. Very interesting.

  3. Mariette, la photo du bas me fait penser a une piece de Pina. Une choregraphie basee sur le banal et le quotidien. Tres belle composition.