Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 19

by Mariette

by Ines


  1. Ines,tes photos de cette semaine sont extraordinaires.Une puissance incroyable se dégage des couleurs et de la luminosité de chacune.De plus elles se complètent et se répondent, comme si elles avaient été faites pour être ensemble. J'adore...

  2. ines, you seem to have taken an architectural turn with your work. there is comfort and a sense of home — i feel you are back at home behind your lens, that is.

    mariette, both images are striking. i imagine the top one to be fascinating large — it would be something different from afar than it would be up close. the movement and color you have captured in the bottom image is lovely. a perfect moment in time.

    i've been enjoying your journey. thank you.

  3. Thank you sara for your always thoughtful comments! ih

    Mariette , cette photo du bas avec cette femme courant dans un champs de ble est magnifique. J'aime non seulement la composition, mais aussi la maniere dont tu as capture le mouvement du ble, la couleur chaude bien sur. Il y a beaucoup de joie dans cette image. ih

  4. I have to say a word for the top photo - I love that kind of complexity in a photo. Your framing of the scene allows us to contemplate several simple and separate narratives, even though carved out of one complex scene. This tells yet a further story about the selectiveness of our daily observations by explicitly contrasting them with the whole picture. Very nicely done.